Fashion bracelets- the choice of fashion accessories after age 30

Published: 30th January 2012
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So you think the good old glam days of your 20ís are gone. But hey!! Fashion never fades out. It always has got some or other picks in its basket for every age group. Now days fashion is regardless of gender thing. Like women, now men too have got picks for them. Age and gender in fact has nothing to do with fashion. How young or old you look? Itís all in the mind. Only just a right combination of certain things can bring back that vibrant personality of yours.

So down here are enlisted what are the few great things can make you look great at or in your 30ís:

Your fitness: Get right diet and exercise can always help you keep in shape. At age of 30 you are busy women with office, kids and household. So worry not. Just a half hour walk or jog and exercise with lot of nutritious diet can help you. Why I mentioned fitness here because the following could answer you well.

Your attire: you are way ahead of showing your legs but can be more sensual and elegant if you wear what fits you right at this time. The time you got married and now must have got quite a few changes in your structure. So the best way is to maintain your shape while wearing such clothes that fit you well now rather than which used to some years back. Wraparounds, knee length skirts, pencil skirt with a slit below knees, evening gowns, maxi skirts are quite an age appropriate dressing rather than opting for mini-skirts.

Your accessories: yes!! Here comes the best part of growing in 30ís.According to some of popular and known stylists it is always better to complete your look with more accessories as hand bags, shoes, soft looking fashion jewelry and hair accessories rather than too much concentrating on your dress. These help you carry even a simple dress very well. For instance gold braided bracelet could be very much a fashion symbol while being a classic accessory.

The beaded jewelry in more recent years has become very popular and also grown as a large fashion industry. These are becoming more famous as many people have begun to make their watches into a piece of fashionable beaded bracelets jewelry.

Your social circle: The people among whom you move around also affects your styling at 30.You canít ignore that you are in more mature and business type circle now which you were not in your 20ís.So anything funky canít go at all time as it used to be before. Trouser and khaki pants with semi formal shirts are most appealing for 30ís. If gold is not your taste then fashion jewelers these days are coming with artistic designs as wooden beaded bracelets. These could be a perfect purchase when you want to look different and yet casual.

Lastly one thing to remember is keep your info latest and updated. Always try new and age appropriate fashion as there would only be more in it not less.

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